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Caroline Clemmons is an Amazon bestselling author of historical and contemporary western romances whose books have garnered numerous awards. Her most recent novel, BLUEBONNET BRIDE, is a poignant tale of tender redemption. A frequent speaker at conferences and seminars, she has taught workshops on characterization, point of view, and layering a novel.

Caroline is a member of Romance Writers of America, Dallas Area Romance Authors, Yellow Rose Romance Writers, and Hearts Through History Romance Writers. Her latest publications are the acclaimed historical Men of Stone Mountain series: BRAZOS BRIDE, HIGH STAKES BRIDE, and BLUEBONNET BRIDE.

Caroline and her husband live in the heart of Texas cowboy country with their menagerie of rescued pets. When she’s not indulging her passion for writing, Caroline enjoys reading, travel, antiquing, genealogy, painting, and getting together with friends.  Find her on her blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Pinterest.

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What Others Say--

Review for BRAZOS BRIDE:
I found this book to be very entertaining. I read it in one afternoon because I had to know who was trying to murder Hope, the heroine. Her interaction with Micah and their relationship was the heart of the story. I really got into the story and the characters. The mystery of just who of the many characters were the evil ones kept me reading and turning pages (so to speak) on my Kindle. I was unable to stop reading this book until I finished it. That really says something for the author's plot and cast of characters. I enjoy these types of books, but this one was exceptional. I will be patiently waiting for the stories of Micah's brothers, Zach and Joel. I see the potential for some very good stories following these brothers' lives. Good job in making me want more.
Mar 28, 2012 | B007HS10SY
Top Pick 4.5 stars
5 Hearts from Beca at The Romance Studio
...Ms. Clemmons has penned a fabulous novel in this one with some great secondary characters, such as Derek’s children and Courtney’s brother that helped bring more ambience to the story...this is a story I’d definitely recommend because it illustrates that no amount of money in the world brings happiness and that love does.
4 Ravens from Lena at Black Raven Reviews
Caroline Clemmons has written a tale of two people both searching for one thing: love. Right off the bat you can tell the sexual attraction is there but it is friendship and love they both need. These two are great for one another yet their pride always gets in the way.
I loved Home, Sweet Texas Home and can’t wait for more from Ms. Clemmons.

Siren Reviews Reviewer: Nikki
I always enjoy a good time travel story, and Out of the Blue is a beautifully written story.
The extraordinary characters, descriptive setting and fast paced action/suspense made this a delightful, enjoyable read. The in-depth POV from the hero and heroine gave me a great insight on their emotions. This is the type of book that pulls you in and you just don't want to end, but leaves you with satisfied smile after the last page is read.
A perfect mixture of witty dialogue, sensual love scenes, and the happily-ever-after ending, Caroline Clemmons pens a timeless tale that I could re-read over and over again and never tire of it!

5 Hearts Rating from Vicky at Sizzling Hot Reviews for SAVE YOUR HEART FOR ME

SAVE YOUR HEART FOR ME is a good western historical (not really cowboys this time). The ‘adventure’ aspect is light (so it doesn’t take away from the character story) but still very entertaining. Caroline Clemmons has written rich characters with issues we can relate to even today. With a full cast of supporting characters adding detail and humor, I was pulled in and didn’t want to put Save Your Heart for Me down until finished.


Night Owl Reviews: TOP PICK Rating for THE TEXAN’S IRISH BRIDE

Dialogs are fantastic as the O’Neill family still speaks as if they are still in Ireland. The wording is such that you can hear the brogue. Even better are the blessings and toasts that are shared as well as customs and superstitions. What starts as a clash of cultures becomes a fantastic story. Just when you thought a happily ever after was just around the corner, another corner appears. What should have been a simple, sweet love story developed into a complex family affair...I want more! Fantastic historical set in cowboy country.


Happily Ever After Reviews: 5 Tea Cups Rating for THE TEXAN’S IRISH BRIDE

Caroline wrote a story that had you laughing, crying, and caring about a group of people that were from different worlds...so many twists you couldn’t wait to see where she took you next.

Clemmons is an exceptional storyteller who creates wonderful character arcs for both Nate and Sarah. Sarah is transformed from a mouse to a lioness, while Nate starts off as a con man and ends up a respectable businessman who saved the day.  Together they become better people, facing challenges that force them to question their actions and past decisions. Put this on your must read list!
TOP PICK 4 1/2 Stars
Romantic Times

. . Kudos . . . to author Caroline Clemmons for one of the most entertaining books this reviewer has ever read . . . absolutely outstanding job with strong, distinctive characters, impressive imagery and syntax.  The story line is intelligent, sensuous and full of humor and emotion. I highly recommend THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE . . .

A highly suitable romance! Highly recommended .
Cindy Penn, Senior Editor, Wordweaving.com

tt.jpg ... engaging story of a newly formed family ... The story entertains ...  Romantic Times

THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE is a delightful tale of a woman's courage  . . . peopled with lively characters and lots of plot twists and turns . . . not to be missed. Diana Risso, Romance Reviews Today

Filled with lively characters and interesting plot twists, THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE is a delightful tale of one woman's courage in the Old West. Drake will keep you laughing. He expects a normal marriage, with the subservient little wife. He doesn't bargain on Pearl! Pearl is one independent, bossy little lady who does not let a husband stand in her way.

Judith Rippelmeyer, The Word On Romance

 Available in Ebooks  on Kindle and Smashwords and in Print Books from Amazon and Others 

Bluebonnet Bride

He’s a by-the-book Texas sheriff; she’s on the run from a murder conviction... 

When a tornado provides Rosalyn with the opportunity to escape the gallows, she collects her daughter Lucy and flees. They travel far enough West that Rosalyn believes she’s gone to the ends of the earth. She hopes she and Lucy will be safe in this remote North Texas town where she embarks on a new life as a dressmaker. If only she could avoid contact with people, especially the handsome sheriff who pops up every time she turns around. She fears either she or her chatterbox daughter may slip and reveal too much. 

Joel Stone has been content with his life, even if it’s not the one he’d dreamed. His younger brothers are married and living nearby, his aunts have moved to Radford Springs, and he is respected for the efficient job he does as sheriff. When he meets the new widow in town, his instant attraction staggers him. She appears uninterested, but he is determined to win her hand in marriage.  

But life doesn’t turn out the way either Rosalyn or Joel plan. They overcome temporary obstacles, but what of the secret she protects? Can he save her from the gallows?


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High Stakes Bride

Mary Alice Price is on the run from dangerous men. She had known that when her stepfather died, she would have to hurriedly escape her stepbrothers. Hadn’t she heard them promise her to the meanest  man in Texas as payment for high stakes gambling losses? One misfortune after another devils her until she links up with Zach Stone. He looks sturdy as his last name and invites her to his ranch where his two aunts will chaperone them. She figures life finally dealt her a winning hand.

Zach Stone has the sweetest ranch in all of Texas, at least he thinks he does. All he needs is a wife to build his family of boys and girls to carry on his ranch and name. He’s been jilted and vows he will never even speak to a woman again unless she's a relative. Then he comes across Alice Price and comes up with a crazy plan. He’s figured everything out, and is sure nothing can go wrong with his plan.

But life holds many surprises for Alice and Zach...

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The Kincaid Books

Set in the late 1800's near fictional Kincaid Springs, Texas, this sweeping account of the dynamic Kincaid family will give readers a taste of life in the West. The Most Unsuitable Wife and The Most Unsuitable Husband trace members of the Kincaid family on their quest for happiness in an untamed land.

The Most Unsuitable Wife

Finalist for the Holt Medallion Award and the Texas Gold Contest

Wanted: one completely improper bride.

Even if Drake Kincaid had placed such an advertisement in every paper in the country, he couldn’t have found a better candidate than Pearl Parker...Most Unsuitable Bride Coverwhich is fine with him. After all, his parents’ will stipulates only that he marry by his thirtieth birthday, not that he marry well. And no one--including Drake’s grandfather, the man determined to hold him to the ridiculous provision--could possibly think tall, bossy Pearl with her ragtag siblings and questionable “cousin” Belle will make a good wife. Until Drake realizes that in her startling violet eyes he sees a beautiful woman with a generous soul...

Their life together may not have started with hearts and flowers, but Drake and Pearl will soon learn that real love--with a breathtaking dose of passion--will make their marriage a true romance.

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  The Most Unsuitable Husband

 Finalist for the National Reader's Choice Award.

Sarah Kinmuh covercaid wants only the simple things: a home, a family, and a place in the community where shcan set a good example and lead a moral life. She launched her plan by establishing a school for the poorest children in the county. When she discovers that the terms of her mother’s will have made her the owner of a saloon, she is surprised. Even more shocking, is Sarah’s reaction to Nate. He is the son of her mother’s husband and his
real name
 is Nathaniel Batholomew, but he uses Barton in his con game with the Kincaids and their neighbors. Tall, dark and unmistakably tempting, Nate is a gambler bytrade--and  hardly an upright citizen.

Taking in a trio of starving orphans on the run from an unsavory gang is hardly the way to conduc
t a romance. Sarah and Nate soon learn that the only proper thing to do under the circumstances is to let love take them where it will, and get ready for a passionate adventure. Sarah vows to reform him and finds him an eager pupil. Reforming a rogue is easier said than done and Sarah and Nate learn a great deal about themselves and others in their journey!

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Digging for Death

Garden center manager Heather Cameron is DIGGING FOR DEATH to prove her old family friend, mentor, and employee, Walter Sims, is innocent of murdering the meanest man in town. Heather can’t trust the police to find the real killer when all clues point to poor Walter. The dead man was beaten to death with Walter’s shovel several hours after they were overheard arguing, and the two men had a long history of enmity. Walter definitely looks guilty, but Heather is sure—well, almost positive—okay, she certainly hopes her friend and mentor is innocent.
     Heather is compelled to scour the fictional North Central Texas town of Gamble Grove to exonerate her old friend. She’s encouraged when the new police detective in town, Kurt Steele, shows interest in helping her look for clues.  
    The deeper Heather digs into the dead man’s life, the more she justifies his ruthless reputation. Walter is indicted, but police begin to suspect the victim’s stepson as murderer. Heather is convinced the stepson couldn’t have murdered anyone either—although it’s clear no love was lost between the two men. The attempted murder of the victim’s real son creates a new twist. Can Heather solve the murder without becoming the killer’s next victim? 

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Almost Home

After the death of his wife, Link Dixon moves back to his hometown of Cartersville, Texas with his young son, Jason, to the Victorian home Link inherited from his grandmother. He hopes being surrounded by extended family will help Jason change from the solemn boy he’s become. Link doesn’t begrudge leaving the Dallas PD where he worked for ten years because he and Jason both love their new home. Besides, he’d do anything to help Jason. The Dixon family is thrilled to have Link and Jason in town and Jason is gradually learning to smile again.

Link’s wasted in his job as a deputy on night patrol, collaring drunks like his cousin, Virgil Lee, but it’s the only law enforcement position unless he leaves the county. At the end of Link’s first night on patrol, he’s approached secretly by an old DEA acquaintance who wants him to add to his deputy’s job that of undercover to find the killer of the man he’d be replacing. The kicker is that there may be a leak in the sheriff’s office--Link could be working with dirty cops.

But he can’t refuse, this is Jason and his family’s home. He uncovers clues that lead to more questions. Link contacts an attorney friend from Dallas, Vince Bertolli, who has also recently relocated to Cartersville. When a second person dies, Link is framed for both murders. Help comes from an unexpected source, and Link escapes--helped by a life-long friend with a simple mind, Coy Cox. And then Link’s worst nightmare, Jason goes missing. Who would guess that cousin Virgil Lee would hold the key to retribution?

Thomas Hardy said a man can never go home again.  Almost home is close enough for Link Dixon.  

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Be My Guest

Aurora Kathleen O’Shauness comes by her flaming auburn hair naturally, and this independent city woman has an inner fire to match. Nothing stops Aurora--that is, nothing short of a Texas flash flood. This super-organized businesswoman might be running from the past, but she’s using this journey to stop and smell the roses-- or rather the spring flowers in bloom across the Texas prairie. But beautiful Aurora has attracted the attention of two unsavory characters stalking her.

Rancher Will Harrison rescues her from the raging waters and she’s his guest for the next thirty-six hours. That’s long enough for Will to fall head over heels in major attraction, and he has a hunch she might feel the same. He has a plan to keep her around until he convinces her to move out of the fast lane and into his life forever. But two predators have other plans for Aurora. Can Will save her in time? Can Aurora save herself?

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Brazos Bride

 Hope Montoya knows someone is poisoning her, but who?  She suspects her mother was also poisoned and knows her father was murdered. Who wants her family eliminated? She vows to fight! She realizes she won’t last the eight  months until she turns twenty-five and her uncle no longer  controls her or her estate. Never will she be dominated by a man as she was by her father, as she has seen her mother and grandmothers dominated. If she marries, she gains control now, but only if she weds a man she can trust. Only one man meets her requirements. Can she trust him to protect her and capture the killer...but then to leave?

Micah Stone has been in love with Hope since the first time he saw her. But he was accused of her father’s murder and surely would have hung if not for his two brothers’ aid. Most in the community still believe him guilty. But the drought has him too worried about water for his dying cattle to care about his neighbors’ opinions. When Hope proposes a paper marriage in exchange for land on the Brazos River and much needed cash, her offer rubs his pride raw. His name may be Stone, but he’s not made of it. He can’t refuse her for long, and so their adventure begins. He and Hope have to stay alive and discover the killer before they become victims in the deadly assaults.

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Trent Macleod fought his way up from nothing to buy into Marvel Incorporated in Dallas Texas. He knows Holly resents him, but doesn't understand why she hates him enough to get them lost in the worst snowstorm to hit West Texas in decades. He knows he should keep her strictly off limits, but how can he when they're marooned in a tiny house with one bed and almost no heat? Passion ignites in the freezing home as they give in to their attraction--but will the fire last?

Holly Tucker despises yet is attracted to the dynamic man who bought shares in the family business that her gambler father foolishly lost. Was Holly’s stepmother telling the truth and Trent caused the heart attack that killed Holly’s father? As their fascination pulls them together, Holly realizes her stepmother must have lied. But Holly cares way too much for Trent. When she learns he’s a gambler, she swears she will give her body to him, but not her soul. A lifetime of repairing her father’s gambling follies has cured her of loving a gambler. Or has it?

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Out of the Blue

She watched him. His eyes darkened and he lowered his head to kiss her. His lips, when they touched hers, were warm and soft. He brushed them against her mouth, then returned to press more firmly.

Kissing a man wasn't at all as she'd expected. Warmth pooled low in her belly and all thoughts flew from her mind except for this man and their kiss. She grasped his shirt in her fists and pulled him closer.

His tongue slid across her lips. Without thinking-for how could she?-she opened her mouth. He probed her tongue with his and she gasped.

He pulled away and smiled down at her. "You kiss like a virgin."


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The Texan's Irish Bride

Cenora Rose O’Neill knows her father somehow arranged the trap for Dallas, but she agrees to wed the handsome stranger. She’d do anything to protect her family, and she wants to save herself from the bully Tom Williams. A fine settled man like Dallas will rid himself of her soon enough, but at least she and her family will be safely away from Tom Williams.

 Texas rancher Dallas McClintock has no plans to wed for several years. Right now, he’s trying to establish himself as a successful horse breeder. Severely wounded rescuing Cenora from kidnappers, Dallas is taken to her family’s wagon to be tended. He is trapped into marrying Cenora, but he is not a man who goes back on his word. His wife has a silly superstition for everything, but passion-filled nights with her make up for everything—even when her eccentric family drives him to distraction.


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Long Way HomeLong Way Home

                            A Civil War Novella

Parmelia Bailey has promised to keep her family safe until the men in her family return from War. That includes bringing her brother’s fiancée, Sarah Hardeman, and Sarah’s mother and sisters to stay at her grandmother’s home in town. Maybe she shouldn’t have stolen back her horses from the Yankees, but she could think of no other way to rescue the Hardeman women.

Darrick McDonald waited four years to return to Witherspoon, Georgia and Parmelia. Who would have dreamed war would bring him back. He had to protect Parmelia from a renegade who’d vowed to make her sorry she’d turned down his proposal. He prayed he wasn’t too late.

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Happy Is The Bride

A Topsy Turvy Wedding Day

Beth Pendleton is tired of the gossip her three failed engagements--each arranged by her pompous father--have created. She knows she’s not a jinx, an Ice Queen, a snob, or any of the other hurtful labels slapped on her. She takes food to the ill, serves the community in numerous ways, and is active in church. For her twenty-eight years she has tried to please her demanding parents. Neither her mother nor her father has ever had an encouraging word to say to her. Spiteful comments from her only cousin incite Beth to take charge of her fate. She proposes to Mason Whittaker, her lifelong friend and champion.

Mason Whittaker, is a hero after any woman’s heart. Carrying on his father’s ranching tradition, he has strong family ties. Unlike Beth’s critical parents, Mason’s mother and father are loving and kind and he has a close knit extended family. As long as Mason can remember, he’s been in love with Beth. The only time he loses his temper is when he hears someone speak ill of her. But he’s learned to count to ten--or twenty--to curb his anger. He never believed he’d be able to marry her. Her proposal astonished and pleased him. But wait...did she mention love?

Will Mason marry Beth and put an end to the gossip? And what about that silly bet Beth made with cousin Rachel that Beth would be wed by the end of June? What will Mason think if he learns of her impetuous gamble? But Beth’s bet is not the only hazard to their wedding. Murphy’s Law is working overtime as Beth and Mason battle outside forces to create their happily ever after.

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Available From The Wild Rose Press

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Two million dollars? What a fortune to inherit! Coutney Madison has battled poverty her entire twenty-five years but is determined to make a safe and happy home for her teenaged brother after the death of their mom. She thinks her inheritance in West Texas is the answer to her prayers--but Courtney's problems are not over yet.


Derek Corrigan suspects the worst of his new neighbor and vows to fight his attraction for her. He knows what women do to him--they always leave and take chunks of his heart with them. He's been there, done that, had the vaccination and is cured. Isn't he?

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Save Your Heart For Me

Six years ago Beth Jeffers fled her abusive husband. Now, she wants nothing more than to protect her son Davey and help her mother operate a boarding house. The women in her family have no luck with men and she has no intention of letting any man mar her son’s life. Not even Matt Petrov, no matter how much her heart urges otherwise.

Federal Marshall Matt Petrov fell in love with Beth the first time he saw her. She was another man’s wife, so he kept his longing to himself. But when he and the lovely widow cross paths again, he intends to seize his chance at happiness.


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Caroline Clemmons' Recipes

These are some of my favorite family recipes, some of which characters share in my books. The recipe for chicken and dumplings is from my own grandmother, who was left a widow in Tennessee and bravely took her children West to seek a better life. The applesauce cake recipe is from my cousin, Rita Jo Phifer Nettles. The others are my own recipes, gathered and altered over my lifetime. I hope you enjoy them all.

Click here for the recipes.

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