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New Releases

McCLINTOCK'S RELUCTANT BRIDE in print and ebook.

   Nettie Clayton’s well-planned life is stolen in a few moments. All she wants is a better life for her family in McClintock Falls, Texas where her father can recover from years spent coal mining. Her teacher’s salary is slated toward saving for her younger brother to attend medical school. Her dreams are dashed when Josh McClintock mistakes her window for that of her neighbor. She wants to resist her parents’ decree, but there’s no way to win.
     Josh McClintock’s free-wheeling life comes to an abrupt end after his birthday celebration. He works hard by day on the family ranch; he plays just as hard on weekends. He loves being single to play the field of willing females and has no plan to marry for five or six years. One drunken mistake alters his life and Nettie’s forever.
      While Nettie and Josh struggle to deal with an unwanted marriage, a crazed villain planning his revenge against the McClintock family targets Josh and Nettie.  What happens when the villain attacks?

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O'NEILL'S TEXAS BRIDE in print and ebook.

Finn O’Neill longs for his own ranch, his own horses, his own home and family but thought the lofty dream beyond him. Now the opportunity has arisen but to achieve his dream, he bargains with Grandpa McClintock and his nephew to pose as a miner and seek out the person or persons causing disasters at the Farland Coal Mine.

Stella Clayton has witnessed the heartbreak and tragedy of a coal miner’s life. Her family came from England to the promise of a better life only to find the same hardships. She is determined that her young brother will never follow in their father’s footsteps. And she vows she will never marry a man who engaged in that work. She fights to resist charms of the handsome Irishman who’s recently come to work in Lignite, Texas.

When Finn arrives in Lignite, he immediately falls for the beautiful schoolteacher, Stella Clayton. But her father is one of the men suspected of causing destruction. What Finn discovers soon puts him and members of the Clayton family in peril. Can he salvage his dream, fulfill his promise, and protect the woman he loves and her family?

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WINTER BRIDE in print and ebook.

Winter Bride, a sweet western historical romance of 60,000 words by bestselling author Caroline Clemmons is a stand-alone novel of the Stone Mountain Texas series including murder, danger, and adventure.

When Kendra Murdoch’s brother in law murders her sister, she takes charge of her nephew and two nieces. Fearing the man plans the same fate for her, she seeks shelter in Radford Crossing where she opens a café to support her small family.

Determined to be self-sufficient, Kendra shuns all advances from the handsome sheriff as danger hangs heavily over her head. But can she safeguard her family alone?

Butch Parrish battled a snowstorm and a killer to rescue Kendra and the children. He’ll do whatever is necessary to protect the independent young woman who rekindles sensations he hoped were dead long ago. Protecting her, chasing a killer, dealing with the town gossips, and investigating a stagecoach robbery, Butch has a battle on his hands.

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STONE MOUNTAIN REUNION in print and ebook.

    Stone Mountain Reunion is a sweet romance set in the town of Radford Crossing near Stone Mountain Texas.  Other Stone Mountain selections before this story occurs are Brazos Bride, High Stakes Bride, Bluebonnet Bride, and the novella Tabitha’s Journey. Next in the series is Christmas on Stone Mountain.
The story contains no sensual material.

    Gwendolyn Jones expected to be met by Joel stone as she arrived to take up her new life as school teacher for Radford Crossing. Instead she found her old sweetheart Mark Hardeman waiting for her. Mark had suddenly broken off their romance and disappeared two years previously without a word.
    The last person Mark expected to see was Gwen. He thought she was married to a man named Everett Franklin.
    Why had Mark left so suddenly? And why did he think she was married? Would Gwen and Mark be able to resolve their differences and take up where they had left off?

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MAIL ORDER TANGLE in print and ebook.

       Mail Order Tangle contains two books by best selling western writers Caroline Clemmons and Jacquie Rogers.

Mail Order Promise
       Ellie Dickerson and her sister are in desperate straits when she contracts to become a mail-order bride to a Texas rancher. After her arduous trip from Virginia, she learns her fiancé has died. His handsome brother has sworn to take care of her and she’s instantly attracted to him, but he seems indifferent toward her. What will happen to her and her sister?
       Kage Johanssen, co-owner of a ranch in Idaho with his cousin Matt, is forced to take over his family’s Central Texas ranch on the death of his older brother. Kage is in no hurry to get married, and when his brother’s bride shows up, she’s everything he doesn’t want in a wife—except she’s stunningly beautiful. Despite his deathbed promise to his brother and his attraction to Ellie, he’s convinced she doesn’t have the grit to be a rancher’s wife.
       When a greedy, sadistic villain attempts to take over the ranch and kill Kage, can Ellie save her true love? What will it take to prove that she’s the only woman for Kage?

Mail Order Ruckus
       Matt Johanssen returned to the ranch he and his cousin Kage started in Owyhee County, Idaho Territory, not knowing he took Laura Dickerson's heart with him.
       Now that her sister no longer needs her, Laura wants a home of her own and a family to put in it. No other man would fill the bill as well as Matt, but he’s not interested. Not wanting to live as a spinster aunt the rest of her life, Laura signs a contract with a marriage broker, choosing to go to Silver City, near Matt’s ranch, in hopes that he might come around. But he’s not on the roster of eligible grooms!
       When Matt sees Laura among the brides on display on the balcony of the Idaho Hotel, he feels gutshot. He’s in no position to take a wife, not with a ranch eating up every spare moment and dollar. But if he doesn't step forward, the one woman he wants will be wed at the end of the week—and not to him.
       Will Matt walk away from the woman who stole his heart or let go of everything he's worked so hard to build go in exchange for love?

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USA Today Best Selling Author Kirsten Osbourne – Mail Order Misunderstanding

Julia traveled West to be a schoolteacher. Thomas requested a mail order bride. When he arrives at the train station to pick up his bride, Thomas mistakenly thinks Julia is there for him. Julia sees Thomas and thinks he's there from the school board. She's married an hour later.

USA Today Best Selling Author Callie Hutton – A Chance To Love Again

Widow Rachel Stevens is very happy with her job as a cook for the Lazy Sunset ranch where she is raising her son. However, the new foreman, Rusty McIntyre, is turning her life upside down. She could overlook how her son has begun to idolize Rusty, but she’s having a heck of a time ignoring the flutters in her stomach every time the man smiles at her.

But Rusty has problems of his own. His previously unknown fourteen year old daughter has just arrived to live with him. Used to always being on his own, now he has a young boy following him around imitating his every move, and a surly young lady glaring at him. Throw into the mix the tug he feels toward the ranch cook—who wants no part of him—and life is no longer as easy as it once was.

Best Selling Author Caroline Clemmons – Save Your Heart For Me

After fleeing an abusive husband six years ago, Beth Jeffers wants nothing more than to protect her son Davey and to help her mother operate a Texas Hill Country boarding house. The strong women in her family have had no luck with men, and she has no intention of letting any man influence her son. Not even handsome lawman Matt Petrov, no matter how much her lonely heart urges otherwise.

Federal Marshall Matt Petrov, also known as Lone Wolf Peters, fell in love with Beth the first time he saw her. Then she was another man’s wife, so he kept his longing a secret. But he’s saved his love for her for six horrific years. Now, the lovely widow and he have crossed paths again. This time, he intends to risk all for a chance at happiness. First he must rescue his distant kinsman from an assassin’s clutches and protect Beth’s son Davey from the villain. Mystery, kidnapping, and twists await Matt and Beth. But will Matt’s secrets shatter the love he and Beth share?

Best Selling Author Sylvia McDaniel – Desperate

After the death of their father, the McKenzie sisters, Meg, Annabelle and Ruby try the normal ways for women to earn a living in a small western town. When they fail, the McKenzie sisters decide to take up their father’s profession, bounty hunting. They quickly learn they can use their feminine wiles and their Baby Dragoons to earn their way in the old west. They’re tough and resilient, badass women in this historical western novella. Kick off the adventure with the first installment of the new series, Lipstick and Lead with Desperate.

Best Selling Author Merry Farmer – The Indomitable Eve
The one thing Eve deLaurent has wished for in the two years since her sister, Amelia, was whisked away to America was to be a family again. But the tragedy that befell her once Amelia was gone has left her wounded, body and soul. Now, reunited with her sister, all Eve wants to do is run. Amelia’s new, happy life is a betrayal deeper than Eve can stand. She would leave and never look back, were it not for Mark Andrews.

As Cold Springs’s reverend, Mark is used to people confiding their darkest sins and looking to him for help. So when he sees the pain behind Eve’s mask of confidence, all he wants to do is help her. But Eve awakens a desire in him that reminds him that even a man of God is still a man. They seem to be everything the other wants and needs, but can the people of Cold Springs accept an actress in their pastor’s arms? Can they be together if bitter family betrayals keep Eve and Amelia at each other’s throats?

You’re only as strong as the loves that hold you together...

Bonus Stories
Plus bonus stories from Caroline Clemmons "Stone Mountain Reunion" and Merry Farmer, "A Hero's Heart"

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GABE KINCAID in print and ebook.

Continuing the beloved Kincaid series, this is Cabe Kincaid’s story. Gabe Kincaid has reasons to hate lies and those who tell them. He moved from Austin to Kincaid Springs and joined his great uncle's law firm. Gabe believes he's happy and pushes aside] those moments of loneliness, of wishing for more. He strongly believes in the law, in justice, and obeying rules. Doing what's right is fulfilling, isn't it? Then why is he so fascinated with a circus fortuneteller who spins tales faster than a cowboy whirls his lariat?
Katie Worthington poses as Dorothy Duncan in a circus. If she isn't behind the scenes mending costumes or in the circus kitchen, she's disguised as the fortuneteller, Majarani Shimza, Mystic of the East. Even so, she worries about being killed by the men pursuing her. She fears a brawl at her fortunetelling tent that sends her into the Kincaid's protective custody will end with her exposure and death. How can she escape when that attorney pops up every time she turns around?
Will Gabe and Katie let the sparks between them ignite into a passionate romance?

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Following the first two books in the beloved Kincaid series, this is Storm Kincaid’s story. Join Federal Marshal Storm Kincaid and Rena as they race across Texas to capture four killers before they escape into Indian Territory. They battle one another, flooded rivers, dust storms, and rescue three orphans from a burning home. On their journey, they discover fiery passion and enduring love. 

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HIGH STAKES BRIDE in audio book

This award winning western historical romance is the second of The Men Of Stone Mountain series about the three Stone brothers and their community. 

Mary Alice Price is on the run from dangerous men. She had  known that when her stepfather died she would have to hurriedly escape her stepbrothers. Hadn’t she heard them promise her to the meanest man in Texas as  payment for high stakes gambling losses? Zach needs  a wife to build his family of boys and girls to carry on his ranch and name. He’s come to meet the stage and his mail-order bride, but finds a letter from her saying she's married someone she met on the trip. Then he comes across Alice Price and comes up with a crazy plan to pass her off as his intended. He figures nothing can go wrong with his plan. Zach and Alice have a lot to learn about life and living with others. And on the way, they discover each is perfect for the other.

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BRAZOS BRIDE in audio book

This award winning western historical romance is the first of The Men Of Stone Mountain series about the three Stone brothers and their community. Hope Montoya needs Micah Stone’s help to escape the killer who has targeted her family. Micah has loved Hope since he first met her at a fandango. Accused of killing her father, only Hope’s testimony saved him from a noose. Now he can’t deny her request for a paper marriage, no matter how much anguish it costs him. Can he convince her love is worth the risk while he discovers who wants her dead? 

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