Excerpt from McClintock's Reluctant Bride

     Grabbing his shoulders, she tugged him toward the edge of the bed. “Come on, wake up and go back out the window before anyone sees you.”
     He flung out his arms without opening his eyes. “Baby, where’s muh present?”
    Evading his groping hands, she slapped his arms. “Not here, I guarantee you.”
    When that got no response, she pounded his back. “Wake up, you crazy drunk.”
    A rap sounded at her door. “Nettie? What’s Josh’s horse doing in front of our house?”
    Good Heavens, who else had seen his familiar horse? Papa seeing the animal was enough.            “You’d have to ask him.”
     Giving up on getting Josh to awaken and climb out the window, she tugged him to the floor. He hit with a loud thump. Except for the noise, she thought it served him right.
    “Nettie? Why haven’t you opened the door?”
    “Just a minute.” Bracing her back against the wall for leverage, she pushed Josh under her bed. Hurriedly, she climbed back between the sheets. To hide Josh from anyone standing in the doorway, she draped her quilt to the floor on that side of the bed.
     The knob turned and Papa came inside, followed by Mama.

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